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Crypto Raiders
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NFT avatars whose only purpose is adorning Twitter profiles have their place in the Metaverse, but what if you could send that avatar into battle to loot dungeons and earn tokens?

Crypto Raiders, a utility-based NFT RPG game that draws inspiration from Zed.Run and World of Warcraft, allows you to do just that.

Raid dungeons, conquer enemies, earn loot and return to your homeland victorious.

But be careful, if you’re unable to survive a meeting with your foe, you won’t get the chance to return victorious.

Because death in the game is permanent.

Therefore, you’ll need to be strategic and weigh your options before entering into a given dungeon. Measure the risk/reward and decide whether or not you’re up for the challenge.

Before you head into battle, you’ll need to acquire one of our base level characters.

It is only though victory that you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s traits and make sure you’re well equipped for the bloodshed that lies ahead.


There will be six base characters, each one will start as a blank slate ready for full customization by their owner.

The initial supply of these characters is dictated by the rarity of their skins:

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Cyborg
  • Skeleton

There are no attribute differences, choose them entirely on what you think looks the best. All attributes come from gear and potions that drop in dungeons.

Blank Cyborg

All stats derive from the various gear, weapons, and potions that players accumulate throughout the course of the game. A fully equipped Elf could end up looking like the image featured.

Fully Equipped Elf

Since characters are built from the ground up, each one will be a completely unique 1/1.

YOU you control the destiny of your character.


There will be 10,000 total base characters available, with 7,500 allocated for the pre-sale prior to the launch of our first dungeon.

We’ll start the pre-sale by releasing roughly 750 characters on OpenSea tonight at 10:30pm ET.

This isn’t a pump-it-up avatar style launch, we’ve already seen massive demand in our Discord and prefer to do limited releases over the coming days and weeks leading up to the first dungeon.

Who are you?

Here’s a breakdown of the characters available during the pre-sale and their cost:

Humans (6000) — .015 ETH

Elves (1200) — .03 ETH

Dark Elves (100) — .1 ETH

Cyborgs (100) — .1 ETH

Skeleton (100) — .1 ETH

Right now there are 3 pricing tiers according to rarity of their skins. After our sale is over, the market can decide how to efficiently price these. Maybe Dark Elf shouldn’t be priced as high as Cyborg and the market can decide that.

Ideally we want at least 2,000 unique players over 7,500 total mints, however we wouldn’t object to community members who want to buy 10+ base characters.


Dungeons will start out releasing on a weekly basis. Eventually there will be a healthy balance between evergreen dungeons that you can continuously raid, and then limited-time dungeons that you can only raid a few times before it closes.

Gameplay will be a real-time simulation, so you’ll be able to watch your characters as they embark on their quests.

When a character successfully completes a dungeon, you will get to take 1 out of 3 loot options. Once you select your option, your character will get sent back with that piece of loot.

If character dies in battle, they will get burnt or we will send an NFT back with the character dead on the ground, unusable for future dungeon raids… but at least you’ll have a memory of your fallen raider that way.

As characters die in these dungeon raids, it will increase the value of base characters as people will have to buy another one to keep playing.


  1. Right after we sell our first 1,000 mints, we’ll setup a process for the community to input ideas for names for different gear, weapons, and potions.

2. Then, the first dungeon will be launched two weeks after the initial sale is over.

3. After about 1–1.5 months we’ve planned the following:

  • Team raiding dungeons
  • Loot stash — allowing players to buy and sell their accessories on the secondary market
  • In-game currency that allows players to purchase entry into the dungeons and purchase add-ons like potions

Best of luck, Raiders. We’ll be back soon with more info regarding the release schedule and commencement of our first dungeon.

In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter, Discord, and here on Medium.



Crypto Raiders

Zed.Run meets World of Warcraft Dungeon Raiding. A utility / game NFT project where you raid dungeons for loot.