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Crypto Raiders
3 min readAug 31, 2021


Raiders! It’s time to grow your party!

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 31st, we’ll be doing our first in-game Raider recruitment event.

Everyone with a Crypto Raider will be able to spend some $AURUM to recruit a new Raider to play with, send to a friend, or sell on the market.

That means you can double your team to prepare for other upcoming events in the next few weeks like our first full combat dungeon, our fishing skill tree, and the rollout of in-game crafting.

Ready to recruit? Read on to find out how to do it!

How to Recruit Your New Character

Tuesday evening (US Eastern Time) we’ll announce that Recruitment is now open. This recruitment period will stay open until Sunday 11:59pm EST.

All you’ll need are:

  1. Any Raiders you want to recruit with
  2. 10,000 $AURUM per Raider

If you don’t have a Raider yet, you can get one on our verified Open Sea collection.

Need more AURUM? You can purchase it on SushiSwap on Polygon.

Once we announce that recruitment is live, you’ll be able to visit and you’ll see a new tab for Recruitment!

Navigate over and you can choose any character to recruit with. Remember: the rarer the character you use, the rarer the character you’re likely to get.

You can see all of your odds depending on what you recruit with here:

As you can see, Recruitment is also how you can get a chance at getting one of the new Fairy characters, not yet released in the game!

These newly recruited characters will be “Generation 1.” They will earn 25% extra AURUM from all dungeons and in-game activities, higher than any future Raider generation will receive, but lower than the 30% benefit of current Genesis characters.

Benefits for $RAIDER Stakers

When we announced our token launch, we mentioned that anyone who staked $RAIDER on the Crypto Raiders Bank would receive 50% of all $AURUM spent in the game.

Since this is the first event where $AURUM is being spent, by Tuesday night we’ll have all the $AURUM being spent on Recruiting flowing back into the Bank, with the $RAIDER staking APR increasing considerably.

We anticipate 30,000,000–50,000,000 $AURUM to be spent on Recruiting. That means 15,000,000–25,000,000 will go into the $RAIDER staking reward pool which we’ll spread out over the next month.

That’s 500,000 to 833,333 $AURUM in rewards per day, which is a big step up from the current 150,000 per day reward rate! If you want to purchase $RAIDER tokens to stake in the bank, you can also do that on SushiSwap on Polygon.

Future Recruitment Events

In the future, we plan to implement rolling recruitment so you can recruit new characters anytime, with a cooldown period per character you recruit with. Expect that to be released sometime in the next month.

Until then, this is your only chance to recruit a new character with your Raider. So if you want to double your team size, or sell a few Raiders to expand the player base, make sure you check out recruitment sometime this week.

If you have any questions, please share them in Discord. We’re looking forward to seeing who you recruit!



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