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5 min readJul 18, 2021


First off, a huge thanks to the community. We hit two major milestones: We sold over 50% of our genesis Character mint and we surpassed 100 ETH in volume on OpenSea. We can’t wait to deliver an amazing product back to you. I want to share with you our short-term roadmap, as well as a deep dive into future plans and our vision for key game mechanics.

Upcoming Roadmap:

  • Begin Migration of Characters from Mainnet to Polygon. (next few days)
  • Name your Characters, Hair & Face Customization, Walkthrough Test Dungeon (next few days)
  • Surprise airdrop to top 50 holders, another 50 airdrop raffled to rest of community. (Wednesday, 7/21/21)
  • Launch 1st Official Dungeon, with 3 mobs, 1 boss, and 15 items dropped! (7/25/21–7/31/21)

Next, I want to do a deep dive on 3 key mechanics that are heavily discussed in our game: Death Mechanic, In-Game Currency, and Character Minting / Recruitment (more importantly, how we will drive value to older edition characters)

Death Mechanic

Who we sending into the dungeon to die first?

There have been a lot of questions in the community about the death mechanic in CryptoRaiders and how it will work. Many are excited about the risk vs reward. Others are rightfully worried about losing all their CryptoRaiders in the first week.

First off, we have two primary objectives with CryptoRaiders: to make it FUN and to make it play-to-earn, not pay-to-die. To put it simply, we want our customers to make money, not watch their money evaporate every time their Raider dies in a dungeon.

Our First Test of a Dungeon Walkthrough

Beginner Dungeons will have no chance of Death

Everyone will be able to gear up their characters in beginner dungeons, that will have no chance of death. The first 4 dungeons we create, will become our “Beginner dungeons”. You will be able to raid them, for free, a max of 3 times a week.

Our first few intermediate Dungeons will have a 1–5% chance of Death

The next dungeons we create will drop premium loot, but at the risk of death. However, these first dungeons where we calibrate the death mechanic will have a <5% chance of death.

Your gear will impact your chance of death. The better your gear, the lower the %.

You will know your % chance of death before entering a dungeon.

Death is permanent, but we will likely let you recover a few pieces of your loot…

It’s not our goal to have people break their keyboards in half when they die and lose 3 ETH worth of loot.

Sketches of the 1st Dungeon Boss

In-Game Currency

We have started to leak out details on our in-game currency, which will be the core play-to-earn mechanic in our game. so how will it work?

Our in game token is not live yet. Please don’t get scammed!
  • Gold will drop in each dungeon you successfully complete, including beginner dungeons.
  • Gold will be the payment to enter intermediate and advanced dungeons.
  • Gold will be useable in an eventual item shop to buy Potions and other in-game buffs.
  • Gold will be an ERC-20 token on Polygon, you can buy it, sell it, or trade it outside of the game. You have full ownership of the gold you earn in game.
  • Earlier Character Generations will get a +% gold drop modifier, on a sliding scale up to 30%. So when we release C1 raiders, the genesis raiders currently available for mint will have a +30% gold drop compared to C1 Raiders. When We release C6 raiders, the spread will look like this:
  • Genesis: +30%
  • C1: +25%
  • C2: +20%
  • C3: +15%
  • C4: +10%
  • C5: +5%
  • C6: Base Rate

We debated for a long time on the best way to create value for earlier mints. While we could have taken the Zed.Run approach, and made earlier mints have strong base stats, we feel like that is an unfair advantage. By increasing the gold drop % for earlier mints, they are inherently more valuable without making them “better” at raiding.

Character Minting & Recruitment

Recruitment — our rebranding of the Breeding mechanic

Due to our character death mechanic, many in our community have asked how we plan to grow our character count. That will be done through two mechanisms:

  • Minting new characters 1x per season
  • Recruitment events 1–2x per season

Minting new CryptoRaiders is pretty self explanatory, so let’s focus on what the community is really excited about: Recruitment. This is another key play-to-earn mechanic that will drive value and earnings back to our community.

While the details of recruiting are not final, our working plan is the following:

  • You can stake N CryptoRaiders for a 1 week period. During this time these CryptoRaiders cannot raid dungeons. The more CryptoRaiders you stake (max 10), the better raider you will recruit.
  • At the end of 1 week, the CryptoRaiders will successfully recruit 1 new Crypto Raider.
  • The new CryptoRaider will be random… it could be a basic human, or an ultra-rare Cyborg.
  • The gear & level of the CryptoRaiders you stake will have a small influence on the chance that you recruit a more rare base character.

Hope you enjoyed this breakdown of our short-term Roadmap and some more details on key mechanics in CryptoRaiders. Now back to work grinding our release!



Crypto Raiders

Zed.Run meets World of Warcraft Dungeon Raiding. A utility / game NFT project where you raid dungeons for loot.